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So, ZeroWave, the next HoodieRipper novel, has a cover artist lined up and it’s Kevin Wada!

Oh, BTW, did I mention that the next HoodieRipper book is almost done? And that it’s slated to be released in June, 2014? And that the amazingly talented Kevin Wada is going to be doing the cover? (Wait, I’m pretty sure I mentioned that part. Did I mention I’m bad with press releases and announcements? No? Well, yeah.)

If you’ve ever wondered how a love of both crust punk and K-pop could exist comfortably in the same person (let alone universe), ZeroWave will give you your answer. And if you’re wondering what other things the book will contain, here’s an incomplete list: more punks, more drinking, more geekiness, more queerness, more making out, more sex, more kink, more singing, and more choreographed dancing. Plus all the romance and love you expect from a HoodieRipper novel.

Anyway, I encourage you to appreciate the pictures above and get stoked about the cover art Kevin Wada is going to make, because I’m sure as hell stoked about it already.

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